Master of Arts in Education

Special Education

A Focus on Special Education

There is an increasing need for qualified teachers in the area of special education. While many teachers take coursework in special education while earning their initial teaching certification and degree, further understanding in special education is valuable.

Marian University has a long history of educating teachers. Special education curriculum is already part of our initial degree at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This M.A.Ed. program allows the students to add the area to their existing teaching license with the state as well as earn master's level credential necessary for promotion and salary increases in some school districts.

Program Requirements

36 total hours required

Required Hours:

  • EDU 505 Child Development and Observation (3)
  • EDU 533 Assessment of Children with Exceptional Needs (3)
  • EDU 535 Introduction to Children with Exceptional Needs (3)
  • EDU 538 Exceptional Needs: Curriculum and Methods (3)
  • EDU 547 Legal Aspects and Current Issues in Special Education (3)
  • EDU 549 Exceptional Needs: Collaborative Consultation (3)
  • EDU 568 Practicum: Exceptional Needs (3)
  • EDU 590 Classroom Research I (3)
  • EDU 591 Classroom Research II (3)

Select 1 from (3 hours required):

  • EDU 550 Diagnosis and Methods of Reading Instruction (3) (required for elementary license)
  • EDU 551 Methods for Transition and Career Assessment (3) (required for secondary license)

Select 2 from (6 hours required):

  • EDU 570 Reading Methods for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities (3)
  • EDU 571 Language Methods for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities (3)
  • EDU 572 Mathematics Methods for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities (3)
  • EDU 573 Access to General Education Curriculum with Assistive Technology (3)
  • EDU 574 Applied Behavior Programming Methods for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities (3)


Credit hours for completion. Two years of full-time study or three years of part-time year-round study.

Exceptional Needs

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Contact Cindy Farren, Assistant Professor, at cfarren@marian.edu or 317.955.6796.

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