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  • How do I maintain Academic Good Standing at Marian University?

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Frequently asked questions about academic standing

  • Where can I find my academic standing?

  • How can I calculate what I need to be in good standing?

  • Do I need to tell my parents about my academic standing?

  • Should I tell my friends and family about my academic standing?

  • Should I repeat courses to improve my GPA?

  • What is an Academic Success Coach?

  • I received a Watch Term GPA letter. What does that mean?

  • I had a great GPA at my previous institution. Why is that not reflected on my Marian transcript and GPA?

  • I was academically dismissed and my appeal was denied. What should I do now?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Several majors, including education and nursing, have additional requirements to maintain Academic Good Standing with that major. This may include earning a certain grade in certain classes, and maintaining a certain overall GPA in order to graduate successfully with that major. Contact your advisor to make sure you know and understand all the specific requirements for your major.

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