Writing Center Faculty and Staff

The Marian University Writing Center provides writing and literacy support for Marian University students, faculty, staff and the greater Indianapolis community.

Through a "shared governance" model that places agency over the center in the hands of the student tutors themselves, the Writing Center engages in professional and personal development through conference presentations, academic writing, pedagogical exploration, participatory and individual research, and responsive learning practices.

Tutors, faculty and staff actively engage in national conversations related to writing center pedagogy, composition theory, service learning, peer tutoring, advocacy, and educational policy. We welcome questions and suggestions.

  • Aaron M. Wilder
    Aaron M. Wilder, M.A.
    Writing Center Director
    Office | Library, Faculty C
    Phone | (317) 955-6533
  • Tanisha Neely Photo
    Tanisha Neely, M.A

    Assistant Director of Operations
    (317) 955-6244
  • kc-chan-brose-headshot
    Khirston Chan-Brose, M.A.

    Assistant Director of Community and Development
    (317) 955-6244
  • Alissa Adams Photo
    Alissa Adams, EdD.
    Coordinator of Graduate Outreach
    (317) 955-6244
  • Sue Blackwell, PhD.
     Senior Lab Instructor
    (317) 955-6244
  • Alicia Pattison, M.F.A.
    Senior Lab Instructor
    (317) 955-6244

For more information

(317) 955-6244

To schedule an appointment, visit the Front Desk in the Writing Center or schedule your appointment online.

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