The Marian University Writing Center provides a range of educational and professional resources. This page will be updated on a regular basis. 

Student resources

Style Guide Resources:

    Research Utilities: 

    Digital & Multi-modal Composition (coming soon)

    Faculty resources 

    • Request an Embedded Tutor:
      Upon timely request, undergraduate peer tutors may be embedded with specific courses to provided targeted peer tutoring support. Use of embedded tutors is dependent upon tutor availability and schedule allowance. Please contact the Writing Center Director, Mark Latta, to request an embedded tutor.
    • Writing Center Workshops:
      The Writing Center, upon timely request, can provide course or content-specific workshops on anything ranging from APA citation styles to getting your paper off the ground. Please contact the Writing Center Director, Mark Latta, to request a workshop.
    • Writing Center Flyers:
      The Writing Center has created branded flyers describing our services and providing instruction on creating appointments. These flyers are most useful when combined with a syllabus section dedicated to encouraging students to use the Writing Center and a quick conversation on the first day of class or at the outset of an assignment. Flyers can also be slightly modified to include extra information pertinent to your course. Please contact the Writing Center Director, Mark Latta, to request a flyer.
    • Recommend a student as a Writing Center Student Tutor:
      The Writing Center continually welcomes recommendations from Marian University faculty and staff regarding potential student employees. The Writing Center seeks qualified students from all majors. To recommend a student as a Writing Center Tutor, please contact the Writing Center Directory, Mark Latta.
    • Dedicated Lab Instructor:
      The Writing Center, upon timely request prior to the academic year, offers the potential for Lab Instructors, or degree-holding professionals with at least 18 credit hours completed in a writing-related graduate program, to have dedicated time in their day specifically for students enrolled in a particular course. Students would be able to make hour-long appointments with an instructor who is informed on the expectations of the course and in communication with you to the extent that is necessary for the course. To request a dedicated lab instructor, please contact the Assistant Director, Aaron Wilder.

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