Write Here, Write Now!

2021 Summer Writing Camp: Write Here, Write Now!

Spread the news: Marian University’s Department of English and Groundwork Indy ​are offering the Write Here, Write Now! Environmental Action Writing Camp for high school students. Write Here, Write Now! encourages young writers to write about issues they care about in a way that inspires others to act.

Due to ongoing concern related to COVID-19, all participants of Write Here, Write Now! will abide by CDC and university guidelines to minimize risks.

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Register here

mlatta@marian.edu or call (317) 955-6234.

Write Here, Write Now: Environmental Action Writing Camp

  • Camp dates: June ​14-18 // 9:30 a.m.-4:​45 p.m. (​Camp materials delivered June ​4)
  • Who's Invited: Students entering grades 9-12
  • Registration deadline: ​May 31
  • Cost: $​100/participant *Financial scholarships may be available*

Where is your place in the world?

How can writing help you understand your connections to the world and the people around you? From the trees in your backyard to the birds and insects around it, everyone and everything has a place in an interconnected world. What happens if we overstep our place, or worse, someone upstream from us oversteps theirs?

Because of COVID-19 and social uprisings against racial inequality, understanding our relationship to our natural world and to others has become even more critical as we are forced to find new ways to connect with our communities, our world, and ourselves. Join us in a week-long experiential writing program to explore these ideas and look for answers to these questions: 

  • Where is your place in the world and who shares it with you?
  • Who gets to make decisions about environmental issues and green spaces in your community?
  • Whose voice should be represented in conversation about environmental justice?
  • Why should a healthy working ecosystem matter to you and your neighbors?
  • What inspires others to act?

At the Write Here, Write Now! Environmental Action Writing Camp, you’ll combine creativity with hands-on research, argumentation, and narrative writing to explore the natural world. You’ll get to explore the ecology of nearby naturalized spaces through observation, interaction, and writing.

You’ll work with instructors and peers to practice a range of place-based writing activities. You’ll learn about the environment, read other environmental writers’ works, and develop your voice through collaborations, focused instruction, and highly interactive writing exercises. Whether you live in urban, suburban, or rural environments, the Write Here, Write Now! Environmental Action Writing Camp is your opportunity to combine writing with advocacy and ecological literacy.

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