Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the Marian University College of Arts and Sciences! The College of Arts and Sciences is the “heart” of Marian University’s academics. We offer more than 23 majors, 28 minors, and 21 concentrations in areas as diverse as biology, chemistry, communications, English, history, sociology, public health, political science, psychology, modern languages and culture, mathematics, theology and philosophy, the visual and performing arts, music education, and Catholic studies.

The College of Arts and Sciences is where most of the core knowledge and skills are taught to all students, regardless of their major, through our general education program or by various high impact educational experiences offered by top faculty. All of our students graduate with extensive training in writing, public speaking, critical thinking, and research—all of the skills that today’s employers want from prospective hires, regardless of their major.

Bill Mirola

William Mirola, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Marian University’s College of Arts and Sciences maximizes student success through:

  • Small classes infused with Franciscan values and personalized attention
  • Opportunities for hands-on career training with internships and community engagement
  • International study abroad programs to prepare you for life in a global society
  • An Honors Academy as well as programs in Global Studies and Peace and Justice Studies
  • Experience in team-work, collaborative learning
  • Inquiry-based laboratory, experiential, and research-centric teaching methodologies in the natural, behavioral, and social sciences
  • Opportunities to conduct publication-quality research projects

In the College of Arts and Sciences, our goal is to prepare you for a dynamic future, whether you go on into medicine, law, politics, business, the arts, social services, public policy, education, or a myriad of other careers. Our commitment is to ensure all of our students have opportunities to work directly with faculty through research and other experiential learning scenarios. As a result, our students have high rates of acceptance in high-ranking graduate, professional, and medical schools as well as are seen as highly desirable candidates when then go directly into the workforce. 

The College of Arts and Sciences—training students to be big thinkers, great writers, confident speakers, and strong researchers no matter where their career choices take them!

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