• Pathway 1: admission information
    • Applicants must first be admitted to Marian University.  Upon admission students must meet academic requirements to become a pre-education students.

    In order to be pass Pathway 1 and be fully admitted to the Klipsch Educators College student must:

    • Marian University cumulative GPA of 2.5
    • Successfully complete 30 semester hours including with appropriate grades, C in EDU/SPD/PSY and content courses (for Secondary Education/P-12), B- for: ENG 112, COM 101.
      • SPED 230 or SPD 130
      • EDU 224
      • EDU 190
      • EDU 307
      • EDU 290
      • MAT 115-Elementary/SPED only
      • MAT 116- Elementary/SPED only
      • EDU 348-Elementary/SPED only
      • SCI 301- Elementary only
      • EDU 318
      • EDU 351
    • Reflective Essay 2-3 pages, double spaced, times roman 12 point font, which effectively responds to all of the following:
      • What have you learned about yourself as a future educator?
      • What are 2-3 important realizations about children you have learned and what evidence do you have for these new understandings?
      • How do the Franciscan Values play a role in your candidacy?
    • Three dispositions
      • 1 from an Education Professor
      • 1 from a General Education Professor
      • 1 from a coach, advisor, or other Marian University personnel that knows you well
    • Participate in a formal interview with the TEC committee

    CASA scores or ACT/SAT scores

    Criminal background check

    • Submitted to the Klipsch Educators College
  • Pathway 2

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