This is Who We Are

  • Sonya
    Sonya Chevigny
    Manager of Social Media
    (317) 955-6559
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 216
  • robin buschner
    Robin Evans
    Director of Creative Services
    (317) 955-6570 
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 222
  • KaylaFisher
    Kayla Fisher
    Content Marketing Intern
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 230
  • marian university logo
    Elizabeth (Liz) Griffith
    Manager of Enrollment Marketing
    (317) 955-6334 
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 226
  • CalvinHope
    Calvin Hopple
    Director of Marketing and Social Media
    (574) 936-8898 Ext. 314 
    Ancilla College, Room 134
  • julia kelb
    Julia Kelb
    Manager of Communications
    (317) 955-6503
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 227
  • maggie kucik
    Maggie Kucik
    Executive Director of Marketing Communications
    (317) 955-6213
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 226
  • Brenden Kudla
    Brenden Kudla
    Manager of Enrollment Marketing
    (317) 955-6433
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 231
  • jason-lapaglia
    Jason LaPaglia
    Manager of Digital Marketing     
    (317) 955-6781
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 224
  • peter matsoukas
    Peter Matsoukas
    Multimedia Production Specialist
    (317) 955-6591
    Hackelmeier Memorial Library, Room 005
  • christina oconnell
    Christina O'Connell
    (317) 955-6379
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 225
  • toni polizzi
    Toni Polizzi
    Marketing Manager for Athletics
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 006
  • hannah-robinson
    Hannah Robinson
    Digital Marketing Intern
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 230
  • ed ventura
    Ed Ventura
    Director of Web and Interactive Media
    (317) 955-6388
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 220
  • brad wucher
    Brad R. Wucher
    Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing and Communications
    (317) 955-​6307
    Stokely Mansion, Room #1

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Brad R. Wucher
Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing Communications
(317) 955-6307
Stokley Mansion, Room #1

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